About Us


Our Philosophy

Customers want to love the products they purchase, but often feel neglected once they get their purchase home. We feel strongly that investing a little more in that post-purchase experience can create a return on investment that far outweighs the cost.

Our Story

Working as a salesman at a retail electronics and appliance store more than 20 years ago, Earl realized how much consumers struggled with new products, often because of vague interfaces, poorly written instructions, and overly complex designs. This inspired a career in technical communications that has spanned more than two decades, trying to help customers have a better experience. In that time, Earl has led initiatives involving anything from one product to thousands of SKUs. Whether it's designing and writing a single instruction manual, or developing a company-wide communication strategy, we can help our clients offer their customers a better experience.

Meet the Customer Experience Specialists

When you bring a group of passionate people together with a unified vision there are virtually no limits to what they can achieve. This is that group - let us bring our passion for what we do to your organization!

Earl Peters portrait

Earl Peters

Founder & Lead Customer Experience Evangelist

With more than two decades of experience in technical communication, Earl has worked with numerous iconic brands, including Bosch, GE, LG, KitchenAid, and more. Whether developing catalogs and installation guides for industrial automation equipment or writing quick start guides and owner's manuals for household appliances, he has consistently focused on helping customers get the most of their products.


Krisztina Rudnay

Co-Founder & Digital Marketing Specialist

Born in Hungary and now residing in the United States, Krisztina has led marketing strategies for multiple small- to mid-sized companies. Her experience in digital marketing, event planning, and on-line training brings unique insights that keeps our team on the cutting edge of communication trends. She regularly discusses new trends and techniques through her blog, Marketing 6Pack.


The Art Guys

Technical Illustration &
Graphic Design Team

Our technical illustration team has worked with virtually every type of artwork you can imagine, from highly technical wiring diagrams to fun, light-hearted characters to make instructional content more engaging. Whether it's showing you how to install a surgical lighting system in an operating room, or simply how to clean your coffee pot, they excel at making complex ideas simple.

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