Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Want to know a bit more before you get in touch? Take a look below! If you still can't find the answer to your question, email or call us, and we'll talk through any questions or concerns you might have.

Where are you located?

Our primary office is located in beautiful southwest Michigan, just a short drive from Lake Michigan. We also have a location in sunny southern California, near Irvine.
However, because the majority of what we do is done digitally, we can work with clients virtually anywhere.

Do you design websites?

While we work extensively in the digital marketing field, and provide guidance on online strategies, we prefer to leave website design and construction to the experts. If you need a site built, we can help connect with you qualified designers.

What do you charge?

Every client and project is unique. Until we know your specific needs, it is difficult to provide an accurate estimate. However, we offer competitive rates and will do our best to work with your budget to provide a solution that is right for your company. We will provide a complete estimate up-front, and if something changes that would impact that estimate, we will alert you before proceeding - no surprises!